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Friday, August 30, 2019

My Greenish Thumb

This is how it all began way back in April when I began my first garden attempt in many, many years. A weed patch.

 With lots of hard work and help from my grandsons, it morphed into this much improved version of a spring garden. Tomatoes, radishes, chives, cucumbers, and zinnias began to fill my small area. However, that cucumber trellis looks ridiculously empty, the tomatoes don't look much better, and slugs are after my zinnias.

On it goes...

until it magically transforms into...THIS!


Started from specially ordered seeds, this Queen Anne's Lace is my garden favorite. I know it is a weed that  grows wild and free along country roadsides, but I have always loved the bloom on this fabulous plant, so lovely in bouquets.

Now it's August, almost September, and the cucumbers have overgrown their trellis, the tomatoes are spilling over the top of the wire guard, and my once tidy garden is beginning to look a bit like a green tangled jungle, though still producing marvelous treats for the dinner table. 

What a fun adventure it has been, worth all the hard work.