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Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Pirates of Lincoln,CA

Ah, those end of the school year plays...such fun! And my grandsons were very into the pirate theme, celebrating the year's end and bringing on the lazy days of summer .


John, being a 4th grader, was onstage with his class; but Chris, not yet into grammar school, could not resist getting with the pirate theme and strutting his stuff as an audience member. It's pretty contagious.

As for Grandma...I had a good time, too, reliving those final school days when, as a teacher, the lesson plans got put aside  (well, sort of) and we just had fun, celebrating our year together. Nicer yet was the experience-on this occasion-of being an audience member, there to just enjoy, not being responsible for anyone other than myself.

Yay to the end of the school year and summer vacation! I can't help but celebrate; it's still in my blood, even though -being retired- every day is a holiday.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Continuing Saga of 2Cuz

I have written before of my escapades with my adventuresome, elderly cousin affectionately  nick-named 2Cuz. We see each other on a regular basis every couple of months. I am happy to report that I have survived another outing.

Since I am always the driver, I have learned to have our excursions mapped out in advance in order to not repeat some of the disasters we have had when I naively believed her declaration that she could easily direct me to our destination, a task my GPS helps me to accomplish with ease.  However, 2Cuz does not trust "new-fangled gadgets" and always knows a better, shorter (fill in the adjective) route which she suggests insists we take  instead of the road I have chosen. I got us there and back home in one piece by politely ignoring the sputtering from the passenger seat. I have learned that I need to be very firm, as with an unruly child, when dealing with 2Cuz. I calmly repeat, broken record  style, "No, we are going to go this way." Exhausting. My years as a kindergarten teacher trained me well.

Our destination this time was a Muslim art exhibit at Hamilton Air Force Base in Novato. I pretended to be excited , but I was secretly fearing that it would turn out like our visits to the fan museum in Healdsburg and the sticker factory in Petaluma. But, wow! I was pleasantly surprised by both the quality and quantity of the art. There were some really lovely and very expensive pieces. 

Just as delightful as the art was the building in which the exhibit was held, an old hangar that has been the recipient of a state-of-the-art remodeling job. I loved that, looking up to the high ceiling, I could see the lattice work so familiar in a hangar, perfectly preserved, with the rest of the remodel keying from that with lots of iron and steel. It totally had the feel of a hangar, even though it is now filled with beautiful furniture and elegant, gray flooring throughout. I was totally impressed!

I've got to admit, 2Cuz picked a winner this time!

Monday, May 7, 2012

I'm Floored!

At last. The ugly  wall-to-wall carpet that has been hanging around the hallway and bedrooms for way too long is history. Gone.



I am so glad to have the job finished; it was two days of heavy sawing and hammering, with pugs and cats freaking out. We're back to normal, and I love the new look.