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Sunday, May 14, 2017

AS I SEE IT: Pet Peeve #2

"Activist" Obama Tells Americans "You Get The Politicians You Deserve”

Right! And I am pissed. I do understand that it is hard for some people to get to the polls. I wish we had a holiday or weekend voting, so that it was easier to cast a vote. These are not the people I am thinking about as I write these words. I am referring to the people who just could not be bothered to go to the polls; they didn’t think it would matter. “There’s no difference between Trump and Clinton,” they said. People wrote in Mickey Mouse for President. I have one friend who actually wrote in her own name because she could not make up her mind between Clinton and Trump. Now these people are complaining, upset, and distraught.  Boo fucking hoo! They are getting what they deserve. Unfortunately I am stuck in this mess with these losers. Yes. I am pissed! What did they think was going to happen? Or did they just not think?

Saturday, May 13, 2017

So Fine

The Legion of Honor is a part of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, and some friends and I made a day of it to check out the Monet exhibit.  We lucked out and found a parking place very close by, so the showers that Mother Nature chose to provide did not dampen our spirits. The first order of business, however, was lunch in the convenient on site cafeteria. The quiche was as good as it looked!

Our tickets were for noon, so we finished our lunch and headed for the exhibit, which was very crowded but nicely organized so that we were able to get a good view of every painting.

Many of the pieces were unfamiliar to me, as this collection was comprised of his earlier work. No lilies!

 Luckily, we had a little time left before we needed to leave, so we headed upstairs to see what was there. Apart from Monet's art, this piece was my favorite of the day. Amazing!

We battled the commute traffic going home, but it was all worth it. Every time I travel to San Francisco, I think to myself that I should make the effort more often. A fun day! 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

AS I SEE IT: Pet Peeve #1

The phrase "with all due respect", usually said in a syrupy & condescending tone of voice, has been bothering me for a LONG time. Most often used by politicians, it provides a sugar-coating for a snarky remark. I think it is wishy-washy and phony. Just say what you've got to say! Period.