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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Forever Festive

The day before Halloween has always been filled with excitement as final touches are made on costumes and goodie bags are readied to be passed out to the neighborhood children. The scene is much different these days since those giggling young ones have now moved away and have wee trick-or-treaters of their own. The neighborhood is quiet and serene, unaware that in other areas of town, door bells are ringing like mad as costumed children scurry from house to house hoping to stuff their paper bags with candy.

This, however, does not deter me from celebrating. I still decorate inside and out: pumpkins on the porch, spooky wreathes on doors, lit pumpkins in the foyer, and my jack-o-lantern pail, perhaps my favorite Halloween treasure, outside on the picnic table. Even the kitchen has its own jolly pumpkin.

Sweets, always a temptation for me, find their way into my cupboards. Of course! True, there are no trick-or-treaters to prepare for, but I do put together and deliver goodie bags to the handful of family youngsters still here in town. I have to buy the treats at the last minute because, due to a tremendous lack of will power on my part, the treats seem to, um, vanish. 

For example, last night, just knowing that there were Tootsie Pops lurking in the kitchen, was more than I could stand; I ate four. Not too bad. Today I hit the cookies. I ate three. Again, not too bad.  I mean, I didn't eat them ALL.

Now the treat bags are filled with their sweets and tied with orange raffia, ready for delivery on Halloween...tomorrow.

That means that I am alone with all these sugary delights for the entire evening.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Confession of a Prospective Hoarder

My name is Janice, and I am a collectaholic. As if I didn't have enough collections already happening in my life, I have begun yet another: Schilling spice tins. I recently passed the word as my birthday approached, and I was lucky enough to get an impressive start on this lastest passion. How they perk up my tired kitchen!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In the Mood

Well, I'm trying to be... in the mood, that is. The pumpkin pie scented candle that I received for my birthday has been lit for the first time and is smelling like I have a wonderful treat baking in the oven. I am still feeling somewhat cheated by the lack of summer; but the dark clouds, heavy rain, and threats of thunder have forced me to forget about the summer that didn't really happen. So, facing reality, I have brought in all the outdoor cushions, covered the deck umbrella, put a new filter in the furnace, and unclogged the storm drains.

The saddest task, however, has been picking all the unripened covered with rain and not seeing red any time soon. There they sit on the kitchen counter in a forlornly green group, wishing that they could have had the opportunity to ripen blissfully on the vine as in years past.

Oh well, it is what it is! And the coming of autumn, even without the glorious warmth of a summer to remember, is a time of great joy. I love the colors: rich golds, sunny oranges, and brilliant reds. It is indeed a time to celebrate.

So I am getting with the spirit of the season. A pumpkin collection decorates the front porch; and Beulah Witch, my annual bosom buddy, is hanging merrily on my front door to herald autumn's arrival. Yep, I'm in the mood. Sweaters. Soup. Stew. Yes.

Maybe there will be a summer in 2012.