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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Eastering at Clear Lake

Waiting Easter Baskets

Those April showers threatened this year's Easter Hunt, but clear skies and good spirits prevailed with everyone having a wonderful holiday. Sue's color coded baskets were lined up in anticipation of the arrival of the Easter Bunny.

Filled to the Brim

 The color coding is simple but brilliant: Each hunter picks up only the goodies that are tagged with a ribbon the same color as his or her Easter basket. No fights. No tears.


And the kids actually help each other by yelling to a sibling, "Here's one for you."  This procedure is getting more complicated as the years go by; we now have a total of eight hunters, the youngest this year being Kasper, celebrating his first Easter.

The hunt was, of course, the main event; but many other activities were on the agenda for the afternoon.

Hot Tubbing



Canine Romping
Story Time

Just Plain Old Fun
And Silliness. Some things never change. How many times have my brother and I struck this pose over the years! He still thinks I don't know what he is doing behind my back.
Another year, another Easter jam-packed with fun, family and good food. It would have been perfect if Jane and Fam had been there too, but it seems there are just too many of  us these days to fit into one normal sized home.

It all began with my brother and me...and now there are eleven grandchildren on the family scene. Amazingly wonderful.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Home Improvement

It's always something around my house. I just get one project completed when another one rears its ugly head. This latest make-over was my disgusting laundry room sink which has made me cringe in passing every wash day.

The improvement speaks for itself!  The question is what took me so long? After all, thirty years is quite a stretch to be annoyed by an eyesore I visited every laundry day. Truth be told, I have to be sufficiently irritated by household ugliness in order to act, and there have been so many other projects on my plate. I finally reached my limit a few weeks ago.

And here is the result. I gaze with approval at the shiny sink and new cabinet every time I pass by, mentally patting myself on the back.

 However, I still hate to do the laundry. C'est la vie.