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Friday, June 19, 2015

Lighten Up!

 I am sending a mental memo to myself: keep looking for the proverbial silver lining when a rough patch comes around. I believe it is always there, somewhere...and will eventually appear. I want to see the glass half full. Not half empty.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

No Biz Like It

I am so lucky that professional theater is right in my backyard. I love all types of theater: semi professional, community, high school, and even the occasional grammar school production; but there is no business like show business done by a professional cast. Period.

Take Book of Mormon...raucous, X-rated fun.  The audience was in hysterics. I could not believe the cleverness of this show, which is a bit of a new-comer to the theatrical scene. I am sure that I will attend local performances of BOM in the future, but nothing (except a trip to Broadway) will top this San Francisco production in my Memory Book. Yes, it takes a pro.

And now take A Little Night Music, the opposite side of the musical coin... formal, PG rated fun.  Sondheim takes his audience on a melodic journey that is not to be easily forgotten. Since the show originated in the 70s, I have been able to see local productions of this show, and - while I enjoyed  these smaller presentations - there is no comparison to what the pros are able to accomplish with the same material.

No Biz like Pro Biz. I guess that's why they get the bucks.