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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Feeling Seventeen Again

Yes, another high school reunion. For some reason, these folks like to meet every year these days, not exactly my "cup of tea." This was only the fifth time I have attended, not a very good record considering I was secretary of my class.

However, the setting was wonderful and the weather perfect for dining al fresco. But -alas- the Mean Girl was there. Again. I wonder if she attends EVERY reunion? 

Cocktails commenced. Right off the bat, she managed to get in a dig, her specialty, by commenting to a large group  that one of our mutual friends was "three sheets to the wind" at a previous reunion. Later, at dinner, she reminded everyone at our table that she and I had both been up for the same part in a school drama production...and that SHE won the role. The Mean Girl's worst remark, of the ones that I witnessed, was to inform a classmate that she was her prom date's fourth choice. Yes!  After receiving three refusals from other girls, he finally invited her. She heard this for the first time at the reunion. Really.
 I guess some people don't change: and, though I hate to admit it, she is still capable of "pushing my buttons",  just as she did when we were teenagers. So much for growth and maturity. Ha.

But I had a nice time at the reunion, in spite of the Mean Girl.