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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Wine Country Fire

Press Democrat Photo

Judging by the newspaper photos, my beautiful city of Santa Rosa looks like a war zone in some places. It is very hard for me to see.

I have not seen much of the damage in person...only that little bit as I went to Kaiser Hospital, evacuated during the fire, for my flu shot.

Press Democrat Photo

It will be a while before I am able take in the full extent of the fire's vicious path, if I ever do. I'm not sure I want to see.

I grieve for the devastating losses that so many people have suffered. And I grieve for the trauma and deaths of wildlife and pets. Yet, I am lucky. The fire came very close to my home, but it survived. And I survived. However, that 2 a.m. robo call telling me to GET OUT will be forever embedded in my brain. 

I am not the same.

Will Santa Rosa ever be the same?

I expect so, but it is going to take some time.