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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


At last. The summer weather is here, and it is about time. I have put the lounge cushions in their permanent spots, after lugging them in and out, trying to keep them safe from the unpredictable rain.  I have already spent some quality time reading on the deck, enjoying the cozy sunshine and all my plants.

The view from my lounge provides lots of nap-inducing green, and I often find myself closing my book to take advantage of the solace. The pug ladies, my partners in deck lolling, also like the tranquillity and it is not unusual to find all three of us happily snoring away.

Mother Nature was a tease for many weeks, giving us a sunny day, and then hammering us with a tantrum of raindrops, sometimes even accompanied by crackling thunder and lightning. Finally she is wearing her smiley face and blessing us with 80 degree weather, my favorite sit-in-the-sun temp.  Winnie's, too.

So, bring on the bright rays and vitamin D. Of course, once the thermometer hits 100 degrees, which it eventually will, my weather complaining will return and I'll be longing for these days of CA perfection. But until then...


  1. I'll be right over with a good book~!

  2. what peaceful and lovely place to be...
    thank you for sharing!
    I am glad you have a perfect feeling about it.

  3. That looks heavenly!
    I'm right with ya' on the triple digit weather. But right now, it's lovely!

    I'll be over with some mint juleps.

  4. I love a deck with a view. I'll never get over the alternate seasons, we've packed away all our pool stuff for a few months and the chill is setting in for real now that June is here. Enjoy lounging around! I'm expert at it!

  5. right! Your view is wonderful. Relax and enjoy yourself and take it all in. Your companions are so adorable : )

  6. Your deck looks absolutely wonderful, the perfect place for a summer daydream.

  7. my time on the deck with my book!


    June awards 4 u,


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