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Saturday, May 23, 2015


After years of visiting Sausalito to peruse the tempting shops and dine in the wonderful restaurants, I finally selected a different path and took a houseboat tour, just to see what that water world is all about. It was more fabulous than I had ever imagined. Of course, the boats on the tour were fit for a magazine cover, magnificently decorated and a treat for my landlubber's eyes.

The houses are connected by well-maintained wooden "sidewalks" lined on both sides by colorful pots filled with blooming shrubs, succulents, and decorative grasses, making for a very pretty neighborhood.

As much as I enjoyed the tour, the best part of the day was lunch at the Spinnaker, a restaurant I have always wanted to go to; and it did not disappoint.

 I splurged and had a crab Louis, a favorite of mine. It was one of the best I have ever had because the crab was piled atop an avocado half. Divine.

A great day...