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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lincoln Land

A day jaunt to Lincoln was on the calender this week; so at 7 a.m., which felt like the middle of the night to this lazy person, I  said farewell to the sad-eyed lady pugs and boarded the CRV to attack my mortal enemy, the interstate. Thankfully, the drive was uneventful and I arrived in Lincoln Land none the worse for wear.

After playing a game of chess with John and getting beaten, we all hopped in the family van to be guests at Alex's pre-school graduation, which was followed by a trip to the infamous golden arches. Happy Meals for all, including me!

Returning home, John and I began another game, this time checkers...where I was the grandmotherly loser. Again. Enough with the games, I thought, and suggested we head out to the yard.

My surprise gift for the boys this trip was...squirt guns, perfect for warm weather fun, and that was the next spontaneous item on the day's agenda. I had a great time watching their imaginative play and joined in the action a bit, though I cannot even begin to match their level of energy. I try though.

However,  sitting in the shade is what I do best. I think Jane and Alex have the right idea.


  1. the kids are funny and smart.
    It seems like you are having fun with them...

  2. ha. squirt guns is a great summer surpise...nice pics!


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