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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Part Two: Am I Blue?

Theme Thursday - Blue

Several months ago I wrote piece about my unusual, at least to me, blue toenails done in the Sally Bowles' style of "divine decadence". 

 I loved that blue adventure and it made me realize how much I adore blue...and apparently always have. I just never  thought much about colors, posturing instead -when asked -  that I didn't have a "favorite color".

Yet, lo and behold, I am surrounded by blues that I have collected and treasured over the years.

Let's begin with my sweet blue frog who cried out to me at an estate sale. He has happily lazed on my deck for years, much to my enjoyment.

And since I am always pondering what to eat and enjoy, one of my favorite treats is blueberries. In muffins. Atop my cereal. Or by the fistful. They are scrumptious in every way.

Now...let's go back, way back, to when I was a teen.  My mom allowed my to redecorate my room, and guess what my theme was.

Yes. Blue and white. Now, eons later, it seems I have not deviated from this bluesy path as my bedroom is still basically blue and white. I guess it just works for me.

I have always loved Stafford shire Calico Blue and have several pieces, which I treasure. They can be found happily lurking among my bedroom's blue and white, filled with flowers or just posing, looking elegant.

My most favorite blue, however, I see in the eyes of people I love. It all began with my husband; his energizing Paul Newmanish blue eyes captured my attention from day one when we met on Guam.

Imagine how delighted I was when, once I became a mother, those same mesmerizing blue eyes that had hooked me on Guam peered back at me from her sweet baby face.

But it doesn't end there.

Now I am a grandmother, and those fabulous blue orbs are still greeting me.

Times three.

John. Alex. Chris.
Yes, blue really gets to me.


  1. I'm a very blue and white person also. Love the jug . .as for that last grandson, he's got mischief in those baby blues!

  2. the jug is very cool as well as your frog...but yeah the blue on the littles takes the please pass the blue berries...smiles. happy tt jan!

  3. blue has always been my favorite! And blue eyes are the best!

  4. Those are some blue toenails, Jan! Need sunglasses to look at them! ;o)

    AngelSpouse loves blueberry muffins (me, too!) and he also has those beautiful blue eyes!

    My daddy had powerful blue eyes - I still miss him to this day.

    Very nice TT post!

  5. Beautiful blues, especially those darling eyes!

  6. This is an awesome tribute to blue. Mrs. MM has the same toe color...matches her car. My Theme Thursday is HERE .

  7. I can see why you like blue so much. Those last three photos, woo hoo! What cutie pies.

  8. bright blue...
    cool post!
    Happy July 4th!


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