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Friday, September 18, 2009

Route 66

Ah, let the birthday celebrations commence as I head toward Route 66.  How did I get so old, and where did all the years go? Last weekend I celebrated in Lincoln with my very own cupcake, which John helped me blow out. There were wonderful gifts, magazine subscriptions that I had requested, but the best gift was watching John play his first soccer game of the season.

Last night Bill and Sue came over for cocktails on the deck and then we were off to La Gare, one of my favorite restaurants.  Champagne started us off and then I had Caesar salad, chateaubriand with the most delectable bernaise sauce, assorted vegies, crispy potatoes and chocolate mousse, with a candle stuck in it, for dessert. Totally stuffed, we headed home. Fabulous meal!

Lunch at Sweet River Saloon with Peter, Dick and Mary will happen tomorrow.  I am thinking Cobb Salad, but a check of the menu will determine my final choice.  One thing for sure: after filling myself with beef last night, I won't be choosing a burger. I've had my red meat "fix" for a few weeks. Finally, there's a small 45er party on Monday, and that should be it for the start of the year long journey on Route 66. I hope it's a smooth trip. No bumps, please.


  1. I have to admit. I had a little giggle seeing my parents on the internet. And ha! Sue doesn't even know what the internet is. Happy birthday Auntie! xoxoxo


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