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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Open a New Door

Little Higbee's ashes, now sprinkled in the yard, came home today. It is so good that she lived such a long, healthy, and well cared for life. The other good thing that has come from this very sad event is that my home is now more open; the door to the laundry room, always kept closed since Higbee could not be litter box trusted in the main house, is now open. Entry to the house proper was just not in Higbee's resume, but she did have free access to the outside from her laundry room cat door. I think she had a very good life; and she chose, especially in her later years, to restrict herself to her laundry room and her deck, with evenings on the couch with "mom" and pugs. RIP, Higbee. Great cat.

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