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Thursday, September 3, 2009


She lived with me for 21 years, and now she is gone. Higbee, named after my good friend. Kind of an ordinary cat, affectionate but haughty, and more independent than most felines are. Maybe that's why she lasted for 21 years when my other cats, and there were so many, returned to the earth, ashes sprinkled lovingly in the yard. This morning it became clear to me that her time was up, and I had to play god and take her to the vet to be put down. The right thing, I know; but it feels empty, different around here tonight. Great cat. She'll be missed. And now there are four: Ruby, Zorro, Cleo, and Winnie. Well, OK. Me, too.


  1. Oh no Auntie! I know Higbee. I remember her from housesitting 15 years ago. Now that's an impressive run. Well, I'm going to pour a little out for fallen homey Higbee tonight and send my condolences due north.


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