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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happiness Is?

Theme Thursday - Polka Dots

 What is it about polka dots and why does thinking about them make me feel happy?

  • Is it because they remind me of Dots, the brightly colored gumdrops that stick like tar to molars, which are so much fun to eat and a boon to dentists everywhere?

  • It might be because they are round and uncomplicated. No corners or angles to muddy the waters.

  • Yet maybe it's simply because of the word polka, a very peppy, filled with fun, whirling dervish kind of dance.

  • Is it because they make dalmations so darn cute?

  • Could it be because they just seem to effervesce, like excited champagne bubbles escaping from a bottle?

  • Perhaps it has to do with the polka dot's circle shape, which represents continuity for many people. I mean, did you ever hear of the square of life? Really.

  • It might be because they give leopards a very regal presence.

I think it could  be all of the above. And more. Whatever the reason, I have always liked polka dots and have worn them on many occasions, though they aren't so easy to find. They just make me feel good.
 And dot's the way I think it is.


  1. Yes I think I agree with you, there is something warm and good about polka dots. I think we call those sweets midget gems over here - they look just as delicious as the ones we get. Happy Theme Thursday to you.

  2. Nice post, Jan. One of the things I thought of was "dotted swiss". My mother made all my clothes when I was little and I had lovely dotted swiss dresses. I still think that fabric is wonderful for blouses - but I'm not sure they even sell it anymore. Today's "fashion" doesn't do much for me, I'm afraid.

  3. I see the boxes of Dots as I get my groceries and you are right...they stick to your teeth like tar! Good one...

  4. oh, love the ones on the leopard...i think i still have dots stuck in my teeth from happy tt!

  5. I'd forgotten all about DOTS candy. Makes me think of Disney movies and theatre concession stands and the smell of popcorn.

  6. I remember Dots, I'm not sure we can still get them but then I'm not a sweetie fan.

  7. Don't forget Jaguars and Cheetahs!

    And Jujubees were always better than Dots... c'mon now, you're Californian. You know this!

  8. and don't forget that m&m's are candie coated morsels of chocolaty polka dotted bliss! LOL!

  9. Hi Janice! How did I miss your witty polka dotty post?

    I enjoyed your comment at the manor today. I could eat a whole plate of fries right now, too!


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