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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Audition Anguish

Theme Thursday - Felt/Impression

 "Thank you very," a voice boomed from the back of the almost empty theater; and, just like that, hours of intense physical and mental preparation came to a crashing end as I left the stage. I felt broken into fragments.

That depressingly dark scenario was, of course, only one possible outcome. Most times I was cast, though sometimes not. Regardless of the end result, the process was brutal. With only minutes to make a positive impression, I knew this was IT; and my heart rate soared as I approached the stage.

What a forbidding sight: the line-up of unsmiling judges, all looking like they had just smelled a giant fart, balancing clip boards on laps while uncomfortably parked in folding chairs. Their eyes followed me, judging every step, as my rubbery legs carried me to stage right and I bravely handed my sheet music to the pianist. With a no guts/no glory attitude, I positioned myself front and center wondering what they'd think of me.

Soon enough I would get my answer. The potential good news?... my name would wind up being posted on a casting list. Hopefully a strong resume would've helped me, but in the end it would come down to a quick-fire impression. It doesn't take long for those in the know to decide if they have found the perfect talent for the up-for-grabs part.

If unfortunately, as has happened, the audition wasn't positively received, I would slowly trudge out the back door, tap shoes and music in hand, feeling discouraged. The audition, over.

Well...until the next time.

And that's the way the game is played, and those of us who love performing are willing to subject ourselves to this agony: the audition. It's all worth it to get a foot in that momentous stage door.

And soar.



  1. you only get one chance...
    great perspective piece to bring that home...
    i hated getting picked in playground games...always last.

  2. Great take on the theme. I'd hate to audition over and over for each part....always trying to make that first and only impression!

  3. My daughter is continually auditioning in NY for her opera career. I don't know how she does it emotionally. It's really tough.

  4. I don't know that I could handle it.

  5. The first impression is always important, but even more so when your career depends upon it. I think you would have to have a very strong self image, to keep from getting discouraged.
    It would be like a job interview every day.
    I like your description of the judges...very cute : )

  6. I'd be no good at that at all.

  7. sounds terrifying. Better luck next time. If you're doing impressions, try Rich Little.

  8. I've never been a Thespian but can imagine the disappointment. I loved A Chorus Line and even now, I enjoy watching the selection process on Australia Can Dance. Amazing performances but so sad to see truly talented people rejected. If at first you don't succeed .. keep on suckin'


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