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Thursday, December 3, 2009


Theme Thursday...Friend

I wrote weeks ago about the coming far-away move of one of my best friends, someone I see regularly for fun and conversation...a friendship that goes back 40 years. The good news is she is no longer leaving CA! The bad news: her house sale fell through. So, while I am sorry about the lost deal, I am thrilled to have some more time with her, at least until the spring when the house goes on the market again. Yayz for now.


  1. Yes I have a similar thing with friends and relatives who are trying to move away but the house sale is holding them up. Like you, I am split between sadness and the delay which is upsetting them and happiness that - for the moment - they are not leaving. Happy TT.

  2. Usually all works out for the best...Yayz! -Jayne

  3. Ahh, the silver lining! Enjoy your friend, yayz!

  4. OH I know the feeling. My best friend and I often ask about where we'll be when we retire. Her husband wants to move interstate. I don't want her to leave she's so close. Even though I don't see her more than once a fortnight. I'd miss her like a limb if she moved away.


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