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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Change, Change, Go Away!

Former roommates...we go years and years back, to our flight attendant days with the now defunct Pan Am. I am so used to being able to call her up and meet  for a spontaneous lunch, movie, or shopping excursion; but those days are slowly winding down as she is moving to Washington. Soon.

Damn this economy anyway, since that is the reason she can no longer afford to live in California. However, sorting through the mounds of pictures taken of us over the years, I will be able to fondly look back upon all the fun outings and laughter we have shared. Consoling each other over injuries, family disputes,cancers, untimely deaths, husbands and aging parents were all part of this complex galpal package. Of course, our friendship will endure, though it won't be the same. Distance does that. Hello, Ms Change, you often unwelcome visitor. Well, I guess the corny adage applies here: "The road to a friend's home is never long", which puts a postive spin on this potentially boo-hooish situation. It's a minor glitch in my life path. That's all it is. But I don't have to like it.

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