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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Party On!

I am in recovery mode today after an extremely raucous birthday party yesterday for John and Chris.  Neither look particularly pleased in the above picture because the guests are yet to arrive, and the boys desperately want a piece of cake. For sure, Chris does not want to wait because, turning 3,  he is unclear on the concept of party etiquette.

Once the guests arrive, however, the cake is temporarily forgotten and the fun begins. The house is alive with laughter, loud voices, and - of course - football on the television.

With lightning speed the presents are ripped open, wrapping paper is flung aside, and oohs and aahs reign as the wonderful gifts are properly appreciated by the delighted birthday boys.

Rylee takes charge of the candle lighting, and finally it is time to dig into the butter-creamed Star Wars cake, complete with light sabers that actually light at a finger's touch.


And another birthday party bites the dust.


  1. Did you make the cake? I remember having the Women's Weekly Birthday Cake book and all the yummy mummys would try to out do each other with tigers and the like. My kids birthdays are both in December which is hot down here and the Hickory Dickory cake and its fondant mice didn't fare too well and the Hedgehog cake with chocolate buttons for spines just melted away!

  2. it sure looks like you had a lot of fun. kids birthdays as so fun. be back in a bit for some snow!


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