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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Z is for Zorro

I long ago gave up on the A-Z challenge, finding that I could not keep up with the pace. However, I cannot resist the opportunity to contribute to Z Day with a photo of my adorable and elusive Zorro. Immediately after this photo was taken, he scampered away to some quieter part of the house to resume his solitude. Getting a picture of him is always a challenge; he moves quickly, clearly not a kitty who enjoys the camera.

 Occasionally, I do catch him in this picture with his more social sibling, Ruby. Of course, he was up and away right after this sweet, lucky capture. You can see it in his eyes: I'm outta here.

So, farewell A to Z challenge. I wish I had been up to making a daily contribution. Maybe next year...


  1. What a handsome fellow your Zorro is. I love the photos. The one of him with Ruby is priceless. His face says, "Oh, no, she caught me being nice to her!"

  2. Ahhhhhhhh, look at them!! That is soooooo adorable. If you're good wit hcaptions, that would be perfect for icanhazcheeseburger. I am NOT good with captions at all.

    Wait, maybe "A little privacy, pleeeeze" would do nicely! :)

    Ruby looks just like our Kit-Kat!!

    I've never joined in on an A to Z, for the very reason you "gave it up." I couldn't keep up, I'm sure!

  3. They are adorable! We have 2 black kitties and one black & white. Our Skippy is a lot like Zorro. He is very skittish.
    I love the way your bedroom is decorated in blue & white. It looks very Zorro shows : )
    Thanks for stopping by. I had closed my blog for a while. Between work and health issues, I didn't have the time or energy to blog. I am now taking some much needed time off, so will hopefully get back in the swing of things : )

  4. so son the other day put a pillow under my cats head and wrapped him in a blanket and he slept like that forever...then the next night the cat went in to his room where he is sleeping and crawled under the covers with him and propped his own head on the pillow....crazy cat...haha


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