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Monday, May 7, 2012

I'm Floored!

At last. The ugly  wall-to-wall carpet that has been hanging around the hallway and bedrooms for way too long is history. Gone.



I am so glad to have the job finished; it was two days of heavy sawing and hammering, with pugs and cats freaking out. We're back to normal, and I love the new look.



  1. Oh, that is lovely!! Our carpet has seen better days. As soon as we get a boy through college it's going out! haha.

  2. I love it! I was just thinking yesterday that I would love to remove all the carpet and put in wood floors. But I thought it would be a huge mess AND expense. You were wise to do only part of the house. Bet you and the animals are glad to be back to normal. It sure looks great!

  3. You are indeed floored, and very beautifully so! Those are wonderful. I know that you'll get a little thrill every time you look down.

  4. nice...i love wood flooring...glad you got it done...we are hoping either to put in wood or a light stone floor...

  5. ahhhhhhhh that looks wonderful! Good job!


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