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Monday, April 2, 2012

B is for Birds, Beginnings, and Bravo

One of the things I love most about spring is all feathered visitors, seeking nesting sites, that come to inspect my yard. I have many wonderful birdhouses scattered around my property, and every year I wonder which houses will be selected. Both the school house and the faucet house in the picture above have been very popular in past years. This year, however, not so much. A chickadee duo did begin to nest in the schoolhouse but changed their minds, leaving abandoned twigs sticking out of the round opening. Darn. Was it something I said?

The most popular house, hands down, is this little red job in the front yard. So much about its placement is wrong: It's on a  foot path that gets a fair amount of human traffic, and it's near a birdbath and feeder, so there are lots of other birds and squirrels around. Yet every year a Mr. and Mrs. Titmouse move in to start their family. I love that my kitchen window looks out on this nesting site, allowing me to watch the comings and goings. Every year I am delighted and amazed when this house, so cute with its antique doorknob, is chosen.

So, spring is finally here, full of renewal and new beginnings. Bravo.

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  1. Oh I love that the titmouse family resides in your house every year! Adorable. Maybe it's the cheery color and that wonderful old door knob?

  2. Cool! Yay for spring, and these cool birdhouses!

  3. Lucky you- having such a lovely view from your kitchen window! That is a very pretty birdhouse. :)

  4. Lovely birdhouses and I can see why they love that charming red house. I love watching birds nest and raise their families--and to listen to the excited babies begging for food. Spring is such an exciting time. :)

  5. Birds make me a little nervous but I love their houses :) You have some lovely ones!

  6. Delightful. We put up a dovecote (which my son-in-law built for me) hoping to attract doves in its three "apartments." No luck, but we did draw bluebirds, a type which I'm told is somewhat rare. I take that as a success of sorts. Wish we had doves, though.


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