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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Symphony of Spring

 Today is my first day of spring! I made it official: I raised the umbrella on the patio. 

 Though this season of renewal has been on the calendar for quite some time, it hasn't felt like spring to me due to the gray skies, heavy rain, and even hail. Today the sun is shining and the forecast is for 80s by the weekend. I say YES to that!

I love walking around the garden, checking out all the colorful buds and delicate new leaves, so marvelous this time of year.

A Fern Unfolds



Hydrangea Buds

I think it is almost time to get the shorts out of the back of my closet.


  1. nice you are like the third person today to say the symphony of spring...and i made the allusion in my post yesterday all the layers in a symphony...and spring...nice captures in your pics too...

  2. Hello, Janice! Thanks for sharing these delightful pictures. I can't wait to have a house and garden of my own some day! Happy Spring!! :)

    Have a lovely week and happy A to Z!

  3. Ooooo, look at all those little pre-baby lemons and newborn buds. Lovely. Nice photography.

    Enjoy your umbrella time, near a hammock perhaps?

  4. i love spring! and i love those pictures!
    Happy A-Zing!

  5. Spring is the season of hope and promise. I love all the new birth in your photos.

    There is an oddly shaped tree on the patio. The landscape guy said, "Tear it out, whatever it is, it was grown from seed" -- geez, weren't we all? -- "and will never amount to anything." But there was something about its peculiar twisted trunk that spoke to me, and I said, "No, I"m keeping it."

    Today, there are at least a dozen tiny green nubbins the size of a pea buried among the leaves that are whispering thanks, and promising to reward me with oranges.

  6. oh how wonderful! I was just thinking last week that I really should pull some of my indoor potted plants outside and fix up the patio furniture. But we've had freeze warnings in the night for the last few days! I'm glad I didn't do all that work. Ohio isn't quite there yet!

    I love those photos....the lemon and fern sprouts. Lovely!

  7. Beautiful buds! I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month. My alphabet is at

  8. New follower here. I’m enjoying reading my fellow “A to Z”ers. I look forward to visiting again.


  9. I agree, shorts time...yea for spring! Also it makes my training runs much more fun...visiting via the A to Z Challenge...blessings


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