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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bright Spots

Theme Thursday - Reactions

Little happenings
Bright spots

That help me to back-burner the big things that bother me
Like not understanding why some people I love
And who matter to me
Think they way they do
About life
About politics
About religion

Little happenings
Bright spots

That help me to love those dear ones anyway
In spite of it
Perhaps even because of it.

Little happenings
Bright spots

That add joy to my life
Put a spring in my step
A smile on my face
Making it easier to continue on my path
While accepting that I am in control of myself only
And sometimes just need to let it be.

Little happenings
Bright spots

That assist me in forgetting about the situations I cannot change
And cannot control
In order to get on with the business of life.

Thank goodness for
Little happenings
And bright spots.


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  1. Little things almost always mean big things to somebody.

  2. smiles....sometimes it is hard to accept those things we can not change...glad those little graces allow us to do that to get on to the more important things....

  3. Oh how I loved this. The things I ask God to help me through each day and the things I am thankful for each day. We can only account for ourselves and our actions and how we choose to allow things out of control affect us. Easier said than done, but then again, if it were easy, we'd never grow in wisdom. Well put.

  4. I have learned that we must accept the way others think because they in turn might be wondering why we think the way we do. This is part of the beauty of the world, to have everyone thinking in their own way. I only have a problem when they blindly follow a way of thinking without actually learning about it before they form their opinions.

    Must have something to do with my parents always telling us the story about if all the sheep follow the head sheep and who jumps off a cliff, do I want to be one of them and also blindly jump off. Or would I rather be a sheep who has a brain and knows that jumping off the cliff means that I will soon be dead.

    I love little happenings that cause bright spots because they are sometimes what can make a bad day into a great day. I think your poem explains it all in such a delightful way. Very enjoyable!

    Thank you so much for playing in this weeks Theme Thursday. You are always appreciated and very much enjoyed. Hope to see you next week.

    God bless.

  5. Beautiful. We need reminding so often that all we are in control of is our own life. This is so lovely and, so eloquently said.

  6. What wonderful thoughts and a great way to think of life. You are so wise!


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