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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Once in a Basketball Blue Moon

It doesn't happen very often; but when it does, it is a cause for joyous celebration. Yes, my Cal Bears are at the top of the Pac 12 standings with a conference record of 10-3. Of course, there are still a few games to play before they successfully grab the title, so I am celebrating now just in case disaster strikes, as it has often done in the past. I am hoping and thinking good thoughts that the Bears will prevail.

I've always said that it's not easy being a Bears fan; the losses and disappointments have been many over the years. Once again, however, I am hanging in there, hopes raised to the max.

Go Bears!


  1. Don't lose hope, Jan. it could happen! I speak as one who has a long history of backing losers. :-)

  2. Maybe this will be THE YEAR! Good luck to the Bears.
    Hugs :)

  3. Good for your team! :)

    I love favorite sport!


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