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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Forcing Spring

I love all 4 seasons; but, since I love to work in the garden and don't much care for the cold,  winter is my least favorite season. Therefore, I enjoy tricking Mother Nature into bringing a little spring inside the house in order to combat the outside dreariness, and bulbs are perfect for chasing away the winter doldrums. I picked hyacinths this year and placed them in colorful forcing vases on the window's ledge to catch the sunlight. Since hyacinths are slow to develop, it does take a little patience; but it is so worth the wait.

And there is a delightful bonus to this beauty: aroma, a soft, sweet smell that promises that spring is on its way. Soon.


  1. I have a nearly black thumb (couldn't grow zucchini...have you ever heard of anyone who couldn't grow zucchini? Nah, me neither.), but I love your forcing bottles. What a great flash of springtime color to brighten grey days.

  2. Oh, how beautiful! I just love your row of forcing vases. Can't wait to see them blooming! I have a paper white forcing tray that I've never used. I really should try it! You've inspired me!


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