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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Let the Craziness Begin

Thanksgiving is behind us, and it was a happy one with lots of good food and fun...though the celebrating, which went on for several days, has left me wondering what is wrong with my bathroom scale; it is weighing me 3 pounds heavier. It must be broken.

The memories of a fun time at my daughter's home and, the weekend after Thanksgiving, with friends at Dillon Beach keep running through my mind for a repeat performance of holiday pleasures. However, now that December 1 has said hello, my thoughts are turning to other matters.

Away with all the turkeys and pumpkins! It is time to start thinking in a red and green mode, so today I attacked the storage room and rummaged through assorted boxes deciding what comes out to deck the halls and what stays sadly behind.

Yes, the madness starts here and now. Am I ready for it?


  1. i am not...its dec 2 and i have not done a lick of shopping...usually i am done by thanksgiving...this is

  2. NOPE! I am not going to stress it. I will put up the tree for my boys visit from college. then, I think I will try to simply pace myself and keep my focus on what is truly important. We all have so much. Do we need to add more stress to our lives when the world turns gray? How about good old movies with a bowl of delicious soup?
    Let's get together after the holidays for a "light" lunch. xoxo

  3. Have fun with your decorating. We put our tree up last weekend and it is always very festive once it is done ; )

  4. Of course you're ready for it. Who doesn't like shparkly lights and Christmas cheer. Have a ball and go with the flow. I love this time of year, except for the HEAT


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