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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Who's Counting?

Just add brandy!
 Calories, that is. Well, I suppose I ought to be, but I am not. It is my favorite time of the year for indulging my palate, starting with the annual egg nog  purchase which happened yesterday. My sweet tooth is oh, so happy to have this old friend in the fridge.

Of course, that is only the tip of the iceberg. Continuing on with my sugar fest, I find myself in a baking mood, a very rare occurrence. Having already created delicious cranberry walnut shortbread cookies, I got out my well-loved recipe for peanut butter cookies, always a favorite. My intention in baking them was
to gift all of them away; I made 4 dozen but ate one dozen of them, including licking bowls, spoons and beaters. Oops.

I am well on my way to overindulgence but am trying to adhere to my moderation policy:

Everything in moderation,
Even moderation.

It is an effective mantra to carry around in my head but works better when there aren't so many holiday temptations in my path. So, calorie counting is not on my agenda. Fun is! I'll deal with it in 2011. As usual.


  1. I know how it goes, Jan! A calorie here a calorie there. Love your mantra. I have one that helps me: "Is this what you truly want?" I make sure to indulge in exactly what I want and not just eat treats for sport.

  2. I love egg nog amd I haven't had any yet this year. I just told Bach we need to get some, after reading your post : ) And your cookies look so yummy...perfect to go with the egg nog. I agree, we deserve to enjoy ourselves a little over the Cheers, my friend!

  3. hehe. i like your motto...esp when it comes to eggnog...this time of year is no good for dieting..

  4. Holidays are not for calorie counting!

  5. Nah given up the workout and calorie counting until after Christmas, there's champagne to be drunk. Although we don't do the cookie, cake, pies thing. All pretty healthy except for the Baileys on ice w00t

  6. My mantra is calories don't count during the holidays. (That being said, I am pretty active, but it's good to indulge!)

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  8. love the quote...too funny....

    enjoy's CHRISTMAS !!!!!

    merry christmas, janice

    kary and teddy

  9. oh hah! I swiped your Cranberry Walnut recipe to my family's delight- NOW where's the peanut butter cookie recipe? and your moderation policy has been adoopted by all in the household!
    Merry Christmas...burp....ooops ~:-)


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