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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

On Winning

How important is it?
The B instead of the A
The silver instead of the gold.

It seems to be
The father's desire
To vicariously live through his child
And push her
To achieve what he could not
In order compete and grasp
That golden happiness ring
 That is actually just a mirage.


Written for Magpie Tales...


  1. I agree with Berowne...very poignant. I can relate to this. We strived so hard for the perfection expected in childhood, to win approval. It's hard to stop now in adulthood.

  2. Very good, that golden happiness ring is just always out of reach.

  3. Very true. "actually just a mirage" - yes!
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. I was a fortunate child ... no pushing from father or mother ... allowing me to push on my own.

  5. life moves on,
    we got to be easy, aren't we?
    love your tale.
    beautiful job...

    mine has some awards/treats in it, enjoy the bog love.

  6. A well chosen push can make a small fork in a road for the child. I, like Helen, didn't have a dad who desired to live his dreams through me. That said, I feel he could have given a well timed nudge. Hmm... who knows, huh? It is the life we are given and that is good enough. Hapy Thanksgiving, Janice!

  7. This certainly does seem to be the case so many times. Such a sad thing too because neither one wins in this case.

  8. Janice, that was nice. Many amongst us can relate to this, having gone through it our entire lives...

  9. I feel a strong connection here, since my 'B's' were never good enough.

  10. So often, so much lost in running after often worthless 'victory'.


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