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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Theme Thursday - Help!

Seeing that so familiar "Help" album cover inviting participation in this week's Theme Thursday made memories come flooding into my consciousness...thoughts having nothing whatsoever to do with help or assistance. Instead the memory was 1990 when I saw Paul McCartney live in Berkeley's Memorial Stadium. Always a Beatle fan, I was totally captivated. Really, that barely begins to describe the experience.

The only thing better would have been to see and hear the entire Fab Four in all their 60s glory. I am still such a fan, though an old fan, of the same vintage as Paul and Ringo. It seems like only yesterday when I was glued to the TV watching their amazing debut on the Ed Sullivan Show. Yeah, yeah, yeah...


  1. developed and appreciation for their music in my teens, well after their initial stardom...but always love slipping them into the cd player as i am driving along...happy tt!

  2. You might have been able to see the Beatles in all their '60s glory, but if you'd gone to one of their concerts back then you wouldn't have been able to hear them for all the screaming. George used to complain that he couldn't even tell if he was in tune because of the noise. Although I bet it was a treat to be on the street below when they did their rooftop concert!

  3. timeless them!

    I think all of us theme thursday peeps are singing this one today! :) How can we help it?

  4. Sounds like you had a fun trip down memory lane. Nothing like it :)

  5. You don't tell your age on your profile, but you did just give away an approximation. You see, I too was in front of the tv the night The Beatles first stepped out onto Ed Sullivan's stage. ;-)

    Love it. Thanks for the memory trip.

  6. Another time and place wasnt it. Just thinking of what was going on in history during the 60s.

    Thanks for your TT

    my TT is here

  7. I remember it well. I too was caught up in Beatlemania. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. I remember watching them on Ed Sullivan! How exciting that was!

  9. Born in 1973, I missed it all when it was new...but do love The Beatles, nonetheless. I too got caught up in the Beatlemania theme TT is


    Great TT! :)

  10. I was banned from playing Beatles games in my friends garage, tennis raquets for guitars!

  11. OMG, Jan! I can't believe I actually saw them on the Ed Sullivan show, too. Gettin' old here, I am. Dang it!


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