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Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's Not Easy Being Green

Will these sad green tomatoes ever get enough warmth to turn red? According to the weatherman, not any time soon. This is July, almost August, usually filled with window-open summer days and fruit ripening on the vine.

Also awaiting some action from the sun is this poor, pathetic strawberry. I have managed to harvest a couple but had to put them in a sunny window to fully ripen.

And sadder still is this sickly albino strawberry that doesn't even have the green thing happening.

It seems that the only edible plants that are happy in my garden these days are those who are meant to be picked while being proudly green.


  1. Fried green tomatoes, baby! ;o)

  2. Send them out here to the hades heat and they'll be red in a week!

  3. Aww you must be unlucky, seems the rest of the country is melting with the heat


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