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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Suddenly Senior

Theme Thursday: Light

Oh, my...what a day! I have previously written about my misadventures with my elderly second cousin fondly referred to as 2Cuz. Today's get-together was a picnic, provided by me, at her lovely senior residence nestled in the rolling hills of Marin County.

A phone call last night, opening with the always scary phrase "I was just wondering...", which basically I have come to know means I want this and YOU WILL DO IT, alerted me to a change in our plans.

2Cuz was proposing that I attend a walking class with her before our picnic. I replied that I wasn't much interested in a class, wanted to visit with her, but would accompany her if that was what she desired. Yeah...agreeable me. Her response: "If you like, I'll meet you at 11 for the class." Well, no...I didn't "like" but decided to just roll with it. How bad could a lecture on walking be? Lighten up, Janice!

So I arrived and, as we chatted while having coffee, I found out that the focus of the class was balance, exercise with a chair, requiring - OOPS! - participation. Shit. I know she could see my resistance beginning to ignite, so with an expertly mastered Cheshire cat grin right out of Alice in Wonderland and oooooozing charm from every pore, she informed me that we "older people" need to know about these things, apparently forgetting that she is 20 years older than I am, has had a stroke,  a knee replacement, and a hip replacement. The older people catagory is not a shoe that fits for me...yet.

Never mind. Lighten up, Janice! And into the classroom I trudged. As I made my way through all the walkers, I thanked my lucky stars that this torture was only to be 30 minutes long. I survived it.

And for the first time in my life, after struggling through gym classes as a child and as an adult, I was the most capable athlete in the room.

Yay...or not.


  1. good for you jan...i can say i probably would not be the happiest camper in any exercise class (i am allergic, smiles) but sometimes we do need to just lighten up and have fun with tends to make it go by quicker...

  2. Awww...good for you. I'm sure your cuz appreciated it, although you wouldn't have chosen to do it at all.

  3. smart write...
    Glad that you know where you are and could lighten up when you have to.

  4. Hahaha . . had a giggle over this one. Very accommodating of you to humour the old girl. Although I once had a full physical for a job and I wouldn't have been much over 45, one of the 'tasks' was to balance on one leg and touch my nose, I was surprised how wobbly I was and practice it every day now! You never know when you might need to balance on one leg with your finger on your nose. Yay Janice, you lightened up!


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