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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Grandkids Cometh

The visit was rousing to say the least; it always is. We discovered two new parks for swinging, romping, and digging in the sand. I ate potato chips until they were coming out my ears, a treat that I rarely indulge in because of the sodium overdose that ensues.

With my plastic in hand, we made our usual trek to the toy store and everyone chose something special to add to the ever-growing collection of playthings at home.

A splashful soak for three ended the stay. As I watched the traditional washing fun, I had to wonder how many more scenes like this one I will get to see since it is getting harder and harder to cram those six long legs into my cozy tub-for-one.

Another wonderful visit.


  1. What a lovely tub full of grandsons!!

  2. Oh they're gorgeous things. I remember three kids in a tub too. Not these days, the lanky dudes!


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