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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Stupid Cupid

Another Valentines's Day, and - no - I really am not bitter that I am single, though I admit that sometimes I think it would be nice to have a partner. I usually just ignore this day because that suits me, but this year I did something special...just for me. I thank Nancy (here) at f8hasit for this stunning idea. I bought a plain gold band to honor my mother who died years ago. I have never stopped missing her, and now I have a physical reminder of her love on my finger. I head to the engraver next week to have her name imprinted on the outside of the band. I have always felt her presence, but now I have something that I can actually touch and feel. Very comforting. I wish I had done it along ago. So Happy Valentine's Day to me!


  1. sounds like a great idea to me. a happy valentines indeed. smiles.

  2. That is a very lovely idea. I think Valentine's Day is about love of all kinds. We went to visit my granddaughters today and they gave us a box they had put together for us. It had 2 little kitty knick knacks that belonged to them and some candy they had received from someone else. It meant so much more that they gave us things that were theirs. That kind of love brings tears to my eyes. And so does your beautiful Valentine gift in rememberance of your Mother. Happy Valentine's Day, my friend : )

  3. HAVE to send me a picture!
    Thank you for thinking enough of my idea to do it yourself. I absolutely LOVE my ring, I touch it and can feel the engraving on it and it's quite a comfort to me. I'm sure that yours will be the same...

    My friend, I wish you a happy Valentine's Day. I've found that Cupid just has some pretty bad aim....


  4. Well good for you! I just watched the Olympics and got pissed!

  5. Fabulous idea, Janice! Good for you! I bought myself a new ring this summer... just because. I was tired of having a naked ring finger after my divorce.

  6. What a wonderful idea...i just love it!


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