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Monday, February 8, 2010

Going Seaside

I have just returned from a wonderful overnight at Dillon Beach, a place I love to visit. Since the weather was rainy and windy, we stayed inside and looked longingly at the sand and surf, knowing that a beach walk was not on the agenda this time. No matter. There were books and magazines to read, music to listen to, yummy food to eat, and plenty of good conversation. Actually, this was one of the best times I have had at the beach house as the discussions remained calm and rational, not always the case with this group of very good friends, strong-opinioned experts on just about everything.

As the daylight commenced the next morning, I was ready to hit the road to return to the quiet of my little inland homestead. After dealing with a dead battery, since I - duh! - left my headlights on, I packed up the lady pugs and hit the beautifully picturesque road, admiring the green pastures and all the baby lambs sleeping softly as their mothers grazed.

Laundry, the Super Bowl, an early bed time bed to make up for beach's midnight chatter, and all returned to normal in my corner of the world. Ahhhh. Life is good.


  1. Sounds heavenly to this land locked magpie!

  2. I love short breaks, they recharge the batteries. Ooops sorry didn't mean to raise a touchy subject.

  3. I'm glad you had a nice break, in spite of the weather. The lamb is precious : )


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