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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bell Mania

Theme Thursday - Bell

Being a teacher, a bell ran my life, beginning with the sound of the alarm clock first thing in the morning. The 8:20 school bell would signal line-up time for my students, and I would open the classroom door to greet each pupil and begin our day. Recess, lunch, afternoon recess, and departure time were all announced by the same piercing ring. Then, ahhhh, quiet... and time for me to get the classroom back in order, turn on some music, prep for the next day, and begin to correct papers. This was a big part of my life five days a week for twenty-five years. That's a lot of damn bells. But no more. I'm outta there! Retirement is what rings my chimes these days.


  1. Twenty-five years...thats quite an accomplishment. You have earned your enjoy : ) I have about eight years to go and am really looking forward to it. Happy TT!

  2. That IS a lot of damn bells. Enjoy your bell-free days!

  3. Teaching? Janice, didn't we talk about this? What happened to singing, dancing, and theatre?


  4. Wow! I hope you love retirement, you more than earned it! Happy Thursday and nice take on the theme.

  5. You're retired? Lucky duck. I wish. I don't think schools over here use 'bells' anymore they're all those awful sirens.


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