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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lucky Thirteen

I'll never forget the day I picked her up, a 9 month old pug pup that her original owners no longer wanted because they thought she was too much to handle. That same sweet pug, now a little old lady, turned 13 this week.

I immediately named her Winnie, thinking that her given name of Taz did not suit. These days she spends most of her time napping on the couch or on her cushion. After a series of doggie health problems, our walks have gotten shorter and shorter. Now it seems we are barely out the front door when I will note her tightly kinked tail starting to uncurl, the signal that the walk has ceased to be fun for her.

The arrival of little sis, Cleo, has done much to keep Winnie, a devoted couch potato kind of  dog,  interested and active. They've been best buds for four years, rarely out of each other's sight and always side by side on the bed at night, snoring in harmony.

So, happy birthday, my dear Winnie!


  1. Aww! Happy Birthday winnie! I love that name..yes, so much better than Taz! lol!
    Have a wonderful trip tomorrow!

  2. Janice ~
    Winnie is just so beautiful. Those grey faces melt my heart!!! I'm glad Cleo helps keep her young. May you be blessed with many more years with that sweetie.
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Pug hugs :)

  3. Hi Janice, I'm so happy you shared Winnie's story with us...Happy Birthday dear Winnie I hope you enjoy many more, you are a lovely senior. I'm happy to see that Winnie and her sister wear seat belts, my car does not move until Winslow Homer is buckled up. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, greetings from Maine, Julie.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I can vouch - Winnie is absolutely adorable. Sweet little face. Just a good friend to have. She and Jan are both lucky to have found each other. (Sorry for the deleted comment - had misspellings.)

  6. Awww... Give Winnie a happy birthday hug for me. She looks so sweet!

  7. awww cute pups...def happy birthday to her....we used to have a pug that lived next door when we lived in NC....we still talk about her...

  8. Winnie and Cleo are so adorable. Happy 13th birthday to Winnie!

  9. smiles...great to see you today...

  10. awwwwwwwwww, bless their little hearts!!! [PS...I call my Persian kitty Winnie...his name is really Winston]


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