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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Mississippi Miracle

I've checked in with Jane on her forty-third birthday, and it sounds like she is celebrating it in style: present opening in the morning before the boys need to depart for  school, lunch out with Nate, and shopping in order to spend a gift certificate in the evening. The focus for everyone's birthday is, rightly so, on the birthday person; but on this particular birthday, I always reflect- for at least a little while-on what was going on with me that eventful and joyous day.

I had time to prepare for the birth since labor was induced, so I decked myself out in my cutest maternity there's an oxymoron if there ever was one. As I recall, it was a black and white mini number, hitting my legs a couple of inches above my knees. I must have looked like a blimp on stilts as I sluggishly waddled into the hospital in Meridian, Mississippi. However, I thought I looked pretty spiffy, considering the situation. Two hours later I was flat on my back in hospital garb, throwing up, so what did it matter?

Mission accomplished: a baby girl was born. Standing with an admiring group of strangers peering through the nursery window at all the pink and blue bundles, I was shocked as a large man pointed at my sweet baby and loudly stated, "Hey, y'all! Look at that one with them big jowls!" I was completely unfazed by the rude remark and the laughter that followed because my husband and I knew she was the most beautiful baby we had ever seen.

And she still is.


  1. Awww...such a sweet photo. I'm glad she had such a nice birthday. It is fun to remember when they entered our lives.

  2. Of all the things we forget, it's the pain of labour and the joy of childbirth. We're so lucky to have healthy, beautiful daughters who have become more than friends.

  3. Aw, that's a sweet story. I'm sure you did look spiffy in your black and white dress. :)
    Some of our best memories are the days our babies are born, aren't they? They remain clear and strong as they should. That picture of your daughter is just lovely, too!

  4. That's a wonderful memory and a charming story, Jan. I love that you reflected on it on her birthday.

  5. Adorable photo and wonderful loving memories on post ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  6. When I saw my son for the first time after a cesaerian it was the next morning (39 years ago it wasn't so easy as today) I found him very ugly, lol !


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