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Friday, March 4, 2011

Speaking Volumes

Theme Thursdays - Books

My late night companions
Propelling me on many a journey
Into worlds so far away
With adventures
Beyond my mundane realm.

These dear and dependable friends
Experts at the art of escape
Work their magic
To enrich the daily patterns
Of a comfortable and tidy life.

janice 2011
written for Theme Thursday

Check out Theme Thursday here.


  1. O it's so true Janice. There's something comforting curled up with a good book in your hands.

  2. This is great! You have said it so well. Books are such great companions. They're always there and we can have such wonderful adventures together : )

  3. Interesting choice of words "Of a comfortable and tidy life". That must mean you actually shelf your books!

  4. excellent title...i love books...they transport me as well...

  5. so many memorable journeys, great tribute!


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