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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Theme Thursday - Equal

An earnest wish
Dreamt by so many
Hoping to rightfully create 
More equity and justice.

Sit-ins, protests, and rallies abound
As all have their place
In this Quixote-like search
To remold and revamp.

Desperately reaching
And showing such valor
The change-seekers
Plead, exhort, and challenge.

If we continue to strive,
To rethink our fears and be open
Our more tolerant thoughts and ideas
Will resound and be heard.

Then onto the next round
Whatever it might be
Continuing the battle of progress
That constantly beckons.


  1. It is sad that so much energy is expended and so little is achieved, isn't it. Makes me wonder if we are on the wrong track at times.

  2. There's a lot been happening!

  3. on to the next battle....winder what that one might be...perhaps impoverished children in third world countries...

  4. We ought to finish what we started before moving on to the NEXT battle. Women and Blacks have STILL not gained equality in this country.

  5. :) I like your use of this theme. Very nice and I agree.

  6. So sad (and angry-making) that it's taking so long. Nice TT.

  7. Seems we're treading water at times


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