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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Are We There Yet?

It seems that spring is having a hard time getting started this year. There are teasers of sunny, warm days; but before I can get used to the lovely weather, the sky turns dark with pouring rain just a few steps behind. Today is no different: sunny and seventies with yet more rain in tomorrow's gloomy forecast. In spite of this unwelcome prediction or maybe because of it, I ventured out to inspect my deck garden and discovered that - yes - spring is in fact happening. It's just colder and wetter than the springs of years past.

There's a touch of pink amidst all the green as my hydrangea gets ready to put on a fabulous show. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wren are busily building their annual nest in anticipation of several hungry occupants.

The morning glories, which I thought were never going to sprout, have finally poked their green heads through the soil and will be moseying up their trellis before too long.

Strawberries, now an unappetizing shade of green, will soon morph into juicy visions of red and find their way into my eager mouth.

Really. I just need to exercise my limited patience, secure in the knowledge that Mother Nature is, indeed, doing her spring thing. The once-a-year magic is just beginning; I am always amazed by the beauty of the world.


  1. Hi Jan! I'm finally taking a moment from my busy schedule to read a couple of blogs. It's always a pleasure to visit you. And the temps there sound like heaven compared to the 90+ temps here in Mississippi.

  2. oh wow. i love the strawberry picture...oh, i love strawberries too....yum!

  3. My poor hydrangea hasn't bloomed since the roofers tramped it down to nothing. Yours is beautiful!!


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