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Monday, October 19, 2009

Zits and Ass, Part II

I've already bemoaned the fact that it seems grossly unfair to me that, as my body ages semi-gracefully, I still retain some of the vestiges of my teenage years:  ZITS, which I still get, while my ass is clearly falling. I accept that, though I don't like it, which leads me to a resolution. Just let it happen.  In fact, treat it as a scientific experiment. I could even go so far as to chart on a regular basis what area of my bod has fallen apart on a given day. Today's chart would show no zits (yay!), ass no saggier than a week ago, the same old flat feet of several years past, and an achy knee that comes and goes. That sounds pretty good, and I am bloody happy that's all that is going on with me. So, let the ass fall; bring on the zits; throw the friggin' hypothetical chart out the window.  Who cares? It's a glorious day, and I'm ready to let it happen.

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  1. Hi, Janice!
    I can at least tell you that you're not alone with the whole zit thing. At 56, I have the face of a teenager and I don't mean that in a good way! I gave up the dream of beautiful, clear skin long ago. But on the bright side, at least my well oiled skin helps keep the wrinkles away!


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