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Monday, October 12, 2009


Why am I a born-again single?  I like weddings. Since I always have fun at parties and celebrations, I have always said I would love to have a wedding of my own...again.  It's just the marriage I have very little interest in repeating. Too bad they have to go arm-in-arm. Loooooong ago  I got over the syrupy illusion that marriage would equal bliss, and I happily cast aside the fallacious prince-on-the-white-horse syndrome that had been drummed into my young head. It's not that my marriage was awful; it just wasn't all I dreamily and unrealistically thought it would be as I contemplated my life as a wife, unfortunately one of  the main goals of my generation of young women. The best I can say, in retrospect, was that my marriage was....satisfactory, which is not saying very much. Once the intense madness of being so in love began to slowly hit the post wedding skids, reality began to creep into my  gradually awakening consciousness. I've never put a label on my marriage until just recently: satisfactory.

And so yesterday I watched a happy young couple take their forever and ever 'til death do us parts, and I couldn't help but wonder what the future holds for them.  I hope it is happy and fulfilling. I believe such marriages do exist.

Mine, however, was simply satisfactory.


  1. I think watching Cinderella as a child messed me up.

    I agree with you, I too believe that there ARE couples out there that have what everyone wants in a relationship/marriage...fact is, I know a few. I love them, but I hate them too. Becuase they have something that I didn't have in my own marrigage.

    At the end, mine was very UN-satisfactory.

  2. I am in no rush to do it again, either. I've been single since 1995. I very much enjoy the company of men, but it will take a very special one to make me want to get married. I know he's out there somewhere...


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