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Friday, July 24, 2009

Say Cheese!

Since posing is not in the cards at this young age, getting a good photo of all three grandsons is quite a challenge. On yesterday's trip to visit Jane & Fam in Lincoln I tried, once again, for a memorable shot.
Not bad, but there's not much of Alex showing. Chris and John look OK, but it's not a great picture of them either. I've taken better. Next try. OK. There's more of Alex, but I wouldn't call this much of a winner. However, the visit, as usual, was a nice one. I read Goodnight, San Francisco to Chris (well part of it), explored John's new bug book with him, and swung Alex in his swing. Nate brought home delicious turkey sandwiches for lunch, and Jane and I had a nice visit.

So far, my only successful threesome photograph is this tub shot taken a few months ago when the boys and Jane visited my home, and it could be better. Nevermind, I'll keep trying. As Sally Bowles would say, "Maybe next time, I'll be lucky."

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