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Monday, July 27, 2009


Rylee celebrated her 10th birthday this weekend.

Of course, there were lots of presents. Since she celebrated her actual birthday at Clear Lake the day before, this was her second party. Good thing, as it turns out. Rylee wasn't the center of attention, as was her right, at the lake party because 1)Taylin got a black eye when she ran into a table, 2)Kate broke her right arm falling off the pool ladder, and 3)Nika fainted when she saw Kate's injury. Oh, yes! ER trips: reminders of past family celebrations, notably Jane getting hit by a swing causing two black eyes and Nika crashing headfirst into a clay pot while running with bound ankles. Where were the adults? Hmmm...right there.

Scott barbecued beef, which was delicious; we also had fruit salad and garlic bread, with vanilla ice cream cake for a high caloric birthday dessert. I had seconds of cake. Why?

Ye Gods! She's almost a teenager!

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