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Sunday, May 14, 2017

AS I SEE IT: Pet Peeve #2

"Activist" Obama Tells Americans "You Get The Politicians You Deserve”

Right! And I am pissed. I do understand that it is hard for some people to get to the polls. I wish we had a holiday or weekend voting, so that it was easier to cast a vote. These are not the people I am thinking about as I write these words. I am referring to the people who just could not be bothered to go to the polls; they didn’t think it would matter. “There’s no difference between Trump and Clinton,” they said. People wrote in Mickey Mouse for President. I have one friend who actually wrote in her own name because she could not make up her mind between Clinton and Trump. Now these people are complaining, upset, and distraught.  Boo fucking hoo! They are getting what they deserve. Unfortunately I am stuck in this mess with these losers. Yes. I am pissed! What did they think was going to happen? Or did they just not think?

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