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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Shaping Up is Hard To Do: Final Edition

I quit! For now, that is.  The remodeling projects that I had on my To Do List are completed, and order has been restored once again, leaving chaos behind. It has been a long process...6 months, if you consider that I began with the new wood floor installation in spring.

This final project involved the foyer, hall, and guest bedroom.  The most difficult part of the stage was the bedroom because moving heavy pieces of furniture was a big part of the job. Thankfully, that job was efficiently handled by the painting crew, while I had only to concern myself with the smaller furniture items and the multitude of collectibles of all shapes and sizes, not exactly an easy task.

The primer went on first, paving the way for the soothing pale green paint that I selected for the walls. The end result did not disappoint, though I was a little sad saying farewell to the cheery wallpaper that had decorated the room for so many years.

My favorite part of the whole project came at the very end: the installation of a new light and ceiling fan, looking blissfully happy hanging from the now popcorn-free ceiling.  I am  very glad to finally have smooth ceilings, so fresh and clean looking after thirty years. 

What took me so long?


  1. Wow...I love it! I bet you are so glad to have it done. I love the colors you have chosen. You are right...the green is very calming. And the comforter is so lovely. We have one with the same color scheme.

  2. nice..i love a ceiling fan to stir the feels good to get to a point where you can stop for a bit...remodeling def can take it out of you...

  3. I know how much you must be enjoying looking around you, and seeing your ideas come to life. It all sounds beautiful.

  4. What a transformation! It looks just wonderful! I have loved your posts about this! The floors will be fun to see in the spring, too!

  5. Oh well done you...I have one guest bedroom prepped to paint but am procrastinating terribly because I know that once I paint that, every other room will look, shabby...tomorrow, I'll definitely start tomorrow.


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