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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Making Merry

 We gathered in Luther Burbank's sunny greenhouse to create some holiday magic for the rapidly approaching Luther Burbank Home and Gardens Holiday Open House. The tables were filled with a sumptuous collection of jolly ornaments and holiday treasures just waiting to be hot-glued onto the many nude pine-coned evergreen wreaths begging for adornment

As we completed our masterpieces, they were merrily hung on a nearby railing  to await transfer to the final display area where, hopefully, future visitors to the gardens would be reaching for their checkbooks to take home one of the glorious wreaths, a bargain at $35.00.

My Nutcracker Wreath
I made two wreaths in the allotted time. The first time around I didn't really know what I was doing but turned out a fairly presentable wreath with a toy theme. However, as I began my second wreath, I took my time. After spotting  a very cute and lonely collection of miniature nutcrackers, I decided that they were mine, all mine. Onto the wreath they went. More pine cones and  a festive holiday bow were added.  Then...done...and ready for the potential buyers arriving the next day.

It was a fun experience; I'll do it again next year. As if the fun crafting wasn't enough, there were divine goodies lurking about just waiting to be sampled. And, of course, I did. Twice.


  1. I love your Nutcracker wreath...very creative.
    We're going to see the Nutcracker again in January.
    The goodies look wonderful. That one looks like it has walnuts on top...YUM!

  2. I really like your wreath. I'd buy it in a heartbeat. But only i I can have some of that cake on the right.

  3. very cool...i bet it was a lot of fun and they turned out beautifully! i'd go 35 for sure...

  4. Oh're making my glazed ham and pathetic door wreath look a little paltry

  5. Yummy! Those photos are making me hungry!


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