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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Halls Are Decked...Almost

The Luther Burbank Holiday Open House turned out to be both festive and well attended, a grand occasion  for the community. Volunteers tastefully decorated the Burbank home in red and green, both inside and out, bringing  holiday excitement to every nook and cranny.

Beauty was everywhere. Tour guides, dressed in vintage costumes and holiday attire, gave tours of the Burbank home to eager visitors. Even Burbank's well-used safe, once the holder of cash and seeds, took on a jolly aura.

The greenhouse, where I was a very busy cookie server, was filled with glorious poinsettia red, a vision to behold, though I think most people had their eyes on the cookies. I could hardly keep the trays filled.

I am now officially in a Christmas mood and able to put community celebrations on a back burner in order to concentrate on my own holiday . I have done all of the decorating and most of the shopping...whew...but the gift wrapping, the baking (what little I do), and the holiday cards are still not on my agenda. Maybe today?
Patience. Perseverance. It'll happen.


  1. The decorations are so lovely! Glad you are in the spirit...I am getting there, too : ) Still have all the wrapping to do here and a little shopping.

  2. How could anyone visit that beautifully decorated house and not be in a holiday frame of mind? So lovely.

  3. Cleo doesn't look THAT happy. The house is beautiful - you all did a great job decorating!

  4. nicely decorated...the safe being decorated made me chuckle a little...

  5. My Grandma visited at Christmas from England years ago and was agape at the fact that we grew poinsettias outside! Gorgeous look. I still haven't bothered this year but received a parcel full of presents from Colombia sent by Clare today so I need a tree to put them beneath....

  6. That is really lovely, Jan. I love all that red.


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